Redkach vs Garcia

Redkach vs Garcia: The first two division champions, Danny Garcia, peaked at the age of 31, and he hopes to end 2019 by boosting his business value to the peak of a la carte.

Garcia (35-2, 21 KO), who drastically eliminated Adrian Granados on national television in April, can no longer use this momentum to achieve this goal. First, discussions of the August battle with Mikey Garcia failed. Garcia entered the ring after Errol Spence Jr.’s unified defeat of Shawn Porter, but was accused of a car accident in Spence It was only after they were guilty of DUI that they saw plans to disengage in January.

The new year has spawned a new strategy for Garcia to get Garcia a PPV spring date in a match against Spencer or middleweight champion Manny Pacquiao. To get there, Garcia hopes to face another left-hander on Saturday when he faces Ivan Redkatch (23-4-1, 18 KOs) in Brooklyn, New York (9 pm EST point).

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Ever since Erik Morales helped open the boxing ring in the spectacular Hall of Fame knockout in 2012, Garcia has driven a short distance from his hometown of Philadelphia, making Barclays The center became a home away from home. but. Red Cage’s struggle marks his eighth appearance in Brooklyn in years.

“This is a dream come true,” Garcia told CBS Sports Channel’s “State of Fight” podcast last week. “I never thought there would be such a big market, and my fans would always support me. We want to fight by ratings, so we want to fight with good people. Here, you just have to fight for the next big fight.”

33-year-old Redkach from Ukraine, from Ukraine, trained under the lead of Shane Mosley in Los Angeles, started the battle in a three-game winning streak against the all-round pressure hunter There is no illusion about the type of battle the plan will bring.

“I hope all of Danny Garcia’s fans come forward because you will see a fierce battle and will be welcomed by the Ivan Redcage family.” The training with Leo Santa Cruz was a big motivation. I want to eliminate Danny Garcia. This is the plan. It’s simple. “

Redkach’s combat history is exciting, including John Molina Jr., who completed his first show with 147 pounds in June 2017 and was on his way to TKO Three times fell the former champion Devin Alexander.

“He is a left-handed fighter, and we want to operate left-handed,” Garcia said. “We feel he is a tenacious fighter. He comes to fight and he will fight us a tough fight. We hope someone can push me and make me Fight, I think that’s the man. “”

Although Garcia has insisted throughout the training process that he did not surpass Redkach in spite of his big deal, Redkach seems to appreciate his role as a lively loser.

Redcar said: “It is important to defeat Devin Alexander because he is a famous opponent. Victory is like I did take me to where I am now.” “Danny thought it was an adjustment and he committed it. One mistake. I want to give everyone a great fight, and we will see what happens on Saturday. “

If Garcia can choose the next opponent if he has to surpass Redcar, he will not hesitate to appoint Pacquiao (41), who has experienced the revival movement in 2019 and defeated Ai at PPD In the case of Adrien Broner and Keith Thurman. Garcia has gone through the chase phase of big men in the past, but it wasn’t until his 2013 dissatisfaction with Lucas Matisse failed to produce the battle of Floyd Mayweather he hoped for.

Garcia said: “(Pacquiao) is definitely legendary, so he will fight with anyone who wants to fight.” “No matter how bad I want to fight him, there are good and bad. He will benefit from him the most. People fight. He is a legend, he will call. You must defeat the legend to become a legend, that is why I want to fight.

“I’m fighting for my heritage. I feel like I’m starting from scratch. I’m just rejuvenated and in good shape. I want to win the championship again. I’m ready to come in and show the world why I still exist.” One of the best. “

Another former champion of the Commons wants to return