Danny Garcia vs Ivan Redkach

Danny Garcia vs Ivan Redkach: Danny Garcia ran into another trap on January 25th against Ivan Redkach at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. After knocking out Adrian Granados in April, the 31-year-old Garcia (35-2, 21 by knockout) had to fight with Errol. Spence Jr. after Spence combined the welterweight titles, defeating Sean Porter in September.

Garcia was present at this fight at the Staples Center and even climbed into the ring to further emphasize that he would be next in the fight with Spence. However, Spence got into a serious car accident a few weeks later, which put his career on an immediate pause. Since then, he announced that he has recovered and is ready to return to the ring.

Garcia seems to have warmed up in the bullpen for his fight against Redkach (23-4-1, 18 KOs), knows that he has a career-defining fight within reach if he passes the Ukrainian fighter.

“Manny Pacquiao, Errol Spence Jr. and Keith Thurman are the fights I really want,” Garcia told BoxingScene.com. “At the moment in my career, every fight is a big fight for me. I have to look good every time, and I need to win. I am very motivated because of these circumstances … I want to fight the best. Whatever makes sense. I am here to fight the best. This is what I want to do, and the first step before that is Redkach. Big fights don’t make sense if I don’t get through this fight first. ”

Redkach recovered well, winning a series of victories in three battles from an uneven stretch from 2015 to 2017, which brought a 2-4-1 record. His last win was a knockout of Devon Alexander in June.

“I saw him fight several times. He is definitely a tough guy who deserves his opportunity, ”Garcia said. “I know that he is going to extract the best from me, and therefore this is a good fight for me. He is a southpaw with good technique. He is like an adversary in order to reveal the best in me.

Garcia says that this could be dangerous for Crawford if he meets a highly skilled fighter such as McGregor in the octagon, as he cannot resist capturing. As soon as McGregor gets Crawford, he can bend his elbow or use some other hold to finish him off.

Crawford promoter Bob Arum says he is going to talk with UFC President Dana White about how to arrange 2 fights between Terence and former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion McGregor. Most boxing fans give Arum virtually no chance of a fight between WBO welterweight champion Crawford (36: 0, 27 KOs) and superstar McGregor, not to mention two fights.

Danny Garcia will let Terence Crawford know: “Balls on my court”
McGregor wants to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, and he has more than average chances to get one of these fights in 2020. It goes without saying that McGegor would prefer to fight Mayweather or Pacquiao for Crawford. For Arum to have a fight between Crawford and McGregor, he will probably have to wait until 2021 after Pacquiao or Mayweather join the UFC this year.

Crawford makes the mistake of running into McGregor in a cage
“I’m sorry or Crawford,” said Angel Fighthype when asked about promoter Terence Arum, who wants to put him and McGregor into MMA. ‘Listen, this is a completely different page, bro. I did a little taekwondo when I was younger. You never did this, and you were never kicked in the face.

“This is a different page, bro. It’s like McGregor coming into boxing, ”said Angel. “You see how he looked with Floyd [Mayweather Jr.], and Floyd dominated him. If they [MMA fighters] catch you in the clinch, and they hurt you like that at the elbow, that’s dangerous, bro. It is very dangerous.