Danny vs Ivan

Danny vs Ivan: 19-year-old left-hander Simpson has been an active young professional since his debut in December 2018, when he won five victories in 2019. Gavonta Davis Simpson, the unbeaten double lightweight stabilizer and current WBA lightweight champion, was a 12-time national champion and six-time Silver Glove champion as an amateur. He honed his skills at Upton Boxing Center in West Baltimore under the supervision of his trainer Ford.

The undercard rides are completed by Kenny Robles from Staten Island (7-1, 3 knockouts) in an eight-round heavyweight fight against Patterson, Ricky Edwards from New Jersey (12-4, 3 knockouts), heavyweight Stephen Torres (1-0, 1 by knockout from Reading, PA, will compete with Williamsville, New York Dakota Witkopf (1: 1, 1 KO) in a four-round duel and professional debut of the “Eastern Orange” Rajon Chance from New Jersey in a heavyweight four-man bout against Rockville, Akihiro Nakamura from Maryland (1: 0).

If you use this content, you legally agree to credit the World Boxing News and a back link to our story labeled “Danny Garcia vs. Ivan Redkach,” which was completed this weekend | WBN – Boxing News of the World. I love the Barclays Center. Brooklyn, New York has always shown great love for me, all my fans from Philadelphia, all my fans from all over the world show love to me. Tomorrow the atmosphere will be crazy, I can’t wait. ”

“I’m locked out and ready for Saturday night,” said Danny Garcia. “I know what I am facing, and I never lose sight of anyone. I know that many other promotions mention a lot of names, just to connect them, so that the struggle becomes more widespread. I am locked, so I understand the progress of this. I was here, and for me there is nothing new, ”said Garcia.

“Definitely, especially his last,” Danny said when asked if he was surprised at how Manny Pacquiao fought in the last two fights. “He did good against [Adrien] Broner, but he looked like old Manny against [Keith] Thurman. Definitely, for sure. I used to fight on his undercard. This is definitely a blessing. And I think Zab [Judah] was one of my favorites. He was from Brooklyn, and it was a crazy atmosphere. But they were all great experiences, and they were all fun.

Garcia was supposed to fight Pacquiao and Mikey Garcia in 2019
“This is a 50-50 fight,” Garcia said to Terence Crawford against Errol Spence Jr. – Who wants to, he will win. I had to fight him last August, and that is why I only fought once last year, because I had to fight in April. And I had to fight Manny, and then Manny fought Thurman.

“I had to fight Mikey [Garcia], but Mikey didn’t want to fight,” Garcia said. “That’s why I fought only once last year, because these two big fights took place. Yes, I think Garcia-Garcia will certainly be a big fight, ”said Danny about the fight between him and Mikey Garcia.

“You have to stay locked up and enjoy every minute,” Garcia said, explaining how motivated he was in his boxing career. “You have to take it every minute and take it. Definitely, I definitely want to have these fights again, ”Danny said that he wanted revenge against Keith Thurman and Sean Porter.

“You will learn something new every time you go there,” Garcia said. “I don’t know what I’ll learn, but I’m definitely going to learn something new. I’m going to take it, adapt to it and see where it goes, ”said Danny.

Definitely, I want to win this fight, and then fight again to get the world title of 147 pounds, and then I want to rise to 154 and start a new journey. I will do it. It’s hard, but I’ll definitely do it, ”Garcia said of a weight limit of 147 pounds.

“If I am guaranteed a big fight, I will stay at 147,” Garcia said. “But, like, for example, if Manny and Spence quarrel, and I don’t get it, I could go and start a new journey. I have no reason to be in 147 because I can always fight Thurman or Porter in 154. I think I could be middleweight, but that’s far.

“I think the Barclays Center is a boxing Mecca, and I think New York is a boxing Mecca,” Garcia said. “This is a great place not to be missed, and fans love it. Everyone loves this. We need to go there, win every round and be sure that we will win the fight, ”Danny said about his fight with Redkach on Saturday. Knockout is the icing on the cake. We always want a knockout, but if not, then we are happy with the decision, ”Garcia said.

Kenny Porter: Danny Garcia will not get a point for defeating the Redkach
“Danny Garcia is a great fighter and we want to see him in great fights,” Kenny Porter told Fighthub. “On paper, Redkach doesn’t look like a great fight. This is just my opinion. What do you do? You go there and you erase this guy [Redkach],